Teacher allegedly terminated for being Ahmadi approaches high court

Source: Dawn

The Lahore High Court issued on Monday a notice to the Punjab secretary of the school education department on a petition by a teacher allegedly terminated for being an Ahmadi.

Shaukat Rauf contended that he had been terminated without being given an opportunity of defence merely on a complaint lodged by a fellow teacher. The petitioner said he was a true Muslim having firm believe in finality of prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) and had PhD degree in Islamiat.

He pleaded that his point of view was not heard by the authorities in a departmental inquiry, which was in sheer violation of fundamental right of fair trial.

He said the court had directed the respondent secretary to decide his departmental appeal against the termination but the order had not been complied.

The petitioner said the secretary committed contempt of court by not implementing the order and was liable to be punished under the relevant law.


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