Adv: This woman is transforming lives through quality education

Source: The Times Of India

“When I walk into a five star hotel today and know that the chef is a student of mine, I feel proud and satisfied”, says Shukla Bose, our Hershey Goodness Hero for Bangalore Times.

Founder & CEO of Parikrma Humanity Foundation, Shukla has taken under her wing 5 schools with 2000 children coming from 100 slums and 4 orphanages. After a corporate career spanning 26 years, where she was one of the few women CEOs at that time, giving up all that luxury to follow her heart wasn’t an easy task.

“This kind of journey with power coupled with an easy life is never-ending. I questioned myself on how I can put an end to that and look at those individuals that do not have anything. I wondered if I have the ability to transform anyone’s life.”, she says. “What helped me was the fact that when I was a student, I had volunteered with Mother Teresa and had worked closely with her, which gave me the feeling of understanding how good it felt while serving people. After my corporate stint, I felt that it was the time to serve people.”, she explains.

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