Book Review: By God

Book compiled by Bashiruddin Alladin

Dear Reader,

Peace be with you

In the history of mankind is there any individual who made a claim, and lied with
God as witness for his destruction, yet lived to see his mission succeed?

The Messiah - Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

The Messiah – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India, the Promised Messiah of the latter days,
is one such person.

Finally, the English translation of the Urdu book containing oaths, ‘swearing in
the name of God’ has been accomplished under the title of BY GOD.
The link is:

By God or
To read in Urdu:
To read in Hindi:
To read in Bangla:

This book contains forty-seven such oaths the Promised Messiah has taken to
prove his truthfulness that he has come as the Reformer of the Latter Days for
whom all the major religions are waiting.

In his book, he repeatedly states that “I swear by God Whom has sent me and
to lie against Whom is the work of the accursed that He has sent me as the
Promised Messiah”.

He says “I declare with full confidence and steadfastness that I am in the right
and that with the Grace of Allah, I will emerge victorious in this struggle”.
How beautiful is his prayer “O Our God of Bounties, O Our God, Who is Raheem
(Merciful) of distress, grant all my prayers and grant us victory against our
opponents with bright signs. It is YOU Alone Who has the real power and

He had to face insurmountable opposition, and, on page 63, he pleads with God
as follows, “O, the One from whose sight nothing is hidden, if You see that I
am disobedient and wicked, if You see that I am evil then crush this wicked
one into FRAGMENTS. And please my enemies and shower your mercy
upon their hearts. And fulfill all their desires by Your Grace. And shower
FIRE on my house, become my ENEMY and destroy my mission.”

These are very powerful prayers for an imposter (God forbid) to make.

His mission was to unite mankind, draw them towards the Creator, remove all the
misconceptions of Islam and to bring out its pristine beauties.

God granted him great success and his community which was struggling,
sacrificing and facing tribulations is now in over 200 countries with tens of
millions of followers.

For further information on Islam Ahmadiyyat, please visit:

May the Almighty God guide us.

Very Sincerely.

Rashid Alladin

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