Saudi King Salman to step down next week: Report

King Salman and son

King Salman of Saudi Arabia (left) is planning to step down next week and name his son Prince Mohammed bin Salman (right) as his successor. PHOTO: REUTERS / FILE

Source: The Express Tribune

Saudi monarch King Salman is set to step down and announce his son Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman as his successor next week, sources said. The 81-year-old king will continue as a ceremonial figurehead, handing over official leadership of the country to his son — often referred to as MBS, the Daily Mail quoted royal sources as saying.

The move is seen as the final step in the 32-year-old bin Salman’s power grab, which began earlier this month with the arrests of over 40 princes and government ministers in a corruption probe. “Unless something dramatic happens, King Salman will announce the appointment of MBS as King of Saudi Arabia next week,” the sources said. “King Salman will play the role of the queen of England. He will only keep the title ‘Custodian of the Holy Shrines’.” The source went on to claim that once crowned king, the prince will shift his focus to Iran, a long standing rival oil empire to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, with fears military action is possible. He will also enlist the help of the Israeli military to crush Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia supported by Iran, according to the source.


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  1. I believe also that the extremist Shiah will be destroyed after extremist Sunni Isis, Al Qaida, Taliban etc.

    The extremist groups are dangerous people for humanity.
    They want to dominate the world and impose their belief to others. I urge all people who eant to see peace in this world let us together to defeat the extremist ideology of any religion and non religion. They are anemy of humanity.

    With ❤️

  2. One would hope and pray that there is no innocent humans losing lives or becoming homeless in unnecessary wars.

    The track record of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen is not pleasing to any person with a genuine heart and compassion. President Bush promised freedom to the Iraqis but what did they really get …

    I thought only Rafiq, but Zia H. Shah also see America is to be blamed. I see America from different angle.

    For example: at WW 2. America went to war to help prople from extremist NAZI and JAPAN. Yes, both countries were destroyed completely because of WAR. Millions prople suffered and died .

    Look at after USA won the war, USA builded Germany and Japan with strong economy as we see today. Japan and Germany became 2 strong economy and modren society.
    Both are so thankful for USA’s help. They became a good friends.

    The same case, USA helped people of Afghanistan and Iraq from Extremist U. soviet and Taliban. USA helped Iraq people from Dictator of Sadam Hesen who kill thousand Kurdith and Shiah in Iraq. Sadam Husen is dangerous leader for Humanity.

    America people are lovely people, generous people, very helpfull people, and Allah bless America.

    Hopefully Rafiq and Zia can change their mind how to see America with positive view. Insya Allah, if Allah Will.

    With ❤️

    • While we can agree with you that America helped Germany after the war your talk USA helping Afghanistan and Iraq is pure nonsense. ‘Life before USA’ was definately better in Baghdad than after. (Remember, I have been there). (The help for Germany was also first of all business and secondly to protect West Germany from the Communist Empire, whatever, the result was good, I agree). (and I may have to delete repeating comments in future).

    My question to Zia and Rafiq?
    Do you agree if America will be invited by government to came to Pakistan to help fighting the extremist Muslim, like America did in Afghanistan and Iraq? If you reject it, Ahmadiyyah Muslim will be destroyed by extremist Muslim, you have 2 options.

    Give me your thought? Ahmadiyyah is in danger now!

    With ❤️

    • My dear Somi: Did America succeed in anything positive in Afghanistan and Iraq? Ahmadiyya Muslim will be destroyed by extremist Muslim? Open your eyes! General Zia said he will ‘finish the cancer of Qadianiyat’. Did he succeed? He helped spread Ahmadiyyat to all the corners of the world. The Khalifa had to migrate to London, where he started ! Ahmadiyyat is on the way to victory and is NOT in danger!

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