Our collective failure

Source: ET

Belated it may be, but the Islamabad High Court’s direction to the local administration to evict protesters from Faizabad Interchange needs to be applauded. Despite the court orders, the stalemate, however, continues by the time this article goes into print.

The sit-in by two religious groups begs some serious questions about our collective failure to control a handful of zealots. It is also a manifestation of the fact that since the ruling elite was not directly affected by road closures, hence the slow government response. The PM has the privilege of using a chopper to avoid the traffic mess. The army chief can also take the aerial route to shuttle between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. But tens of thousands of common citizens do not have the same privilege as they had to endure the excruciating pain of long stretches of traffic jams for almost two weeks. Just imagine had protesters blocked the road leading to the PM office or ministers’ colony or judges’ enclave or generals’ bungalows, would the response from the state machinery have been the same? Certainly not. The crux is that as long as the ruling elite and privileged class is not affected by the chaos, the state apparatus would not move swiftly.


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  1. Whatever comment you get speaks the pathetic mind set of majority. Whole nation has become deaf and dumb. Just watch few viral videos on social media of one leader of this dharna and the naked abusive language he is using is self explanatory how much he is in love with Holy Prophet (pbuh).
    Not only civil and military elite rather whole nation has been hijacked by these fanatic clerics so now enjoy.

  2. Pakistan us in danger indeet, ahmadiyyah as well.
    When the extremist Muslim become majority, they will take the power forsure!

    My question to Rafiq.
    Do you agree if Human Right supporters in Pakistan ask America to jump in to help people from the hand of the extremist Muslim? Like America helped other contries like Iraq, Afghanistan etc. The warfare cannot be avoided !

    With love❤️

    • I think it was in 1982 that the Canadian Ambassador at the UN Subcommittee for Human Rights Session in Geneva said ‘and, we should also discuss the issue of a state-sponsored persecution, such as what the Ahmadiyya Muslims face in Pakistan’. The Pakistan Ambassador protested and wanted this sentence to be crossed out of the minutes. The Canadian Ambassador countered: ‘No, what I am saying is true. Not only do I not agree to cross it out, but I am calling for a vote’. When the vote took place only China and Pakistan voted against it. The Maroccan Ambassador all of a sudden needed a cup of coffe and walked out. The Egyptian Ambassador also abstained. The following year, when the issue should have gone to the Main Session (from the Sub-Committee) it was noted that the USA blocked it. Politics before Human Rights. – ok, let’s see what has changed since then … (if anything)

    I pray to Allah, the peaceful Pakistians in danger. Ahmadiyyah, Christian, and humanity are in danger, thousand the innocent people will suffer and die.

    Peacefull people really need help from America and UK cs.
    To jump in Pakistan before The extremist Muslim take over goverment and Army.

    Pakistan has a nuclear will fall into the hand of extremist Isis or Taliban. Woow, I cant image it if the extremist Muslim control the Government and the Nuclear vasility.
    India will bomb Pakistan first before the extremist Muslim
    May Allal protect Pakistan from the hand of the extremist Muslim, Amin

    Rafiq? Do you agree if America will be invited by government to help fighting the extremist in Pakistan, like America did in Afghanistan and Iraq?

    Give me your thought? Ahmadiyyah is in danger now!

    With ❤️

    • Like they did in Afghanistan and Iraq? Bomb schools, water supply, electricity generation? Somi: you are blind. Why do you not listen to people who have been there?

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