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When the enormous new Museum of the Bible opens in November, DC area residents and visitors will have lots to see and explore.

Washington D.C. will soon be home to yet another museum. The privately funded Museum of the Bible is set to open in November. The location, still under construction, is only three blocks from the US Capitol Building and near many of the well-known D.C. museums such as the Air and Space Museum and Museum of American History. The Museum of the Bible will house religious and historical artifacts as well as interactive exhibits.

The main purpose of the Museum is educating and showing visitors how the Bible has impacted the United States and the country’s history with regard to social justice, civil rights and fashion. The Museum’s founders and marketers are attempting to attract people of all religious faiths, as well as those who have never picked up or read the Bible. The Bible, as we all know, is a staple and fixture in American Culture from swearing in ceremonies of officials to the book’s presence in hotels nationwide and in the homes of citizens.

The six-story museum has been privately financed, and upwards of $500 million has gone into building and construction. The museum will consist of six exhibit floors which will be home to over 40,000 religious and biblical artifacts, items such as the Bibles of Elvis Presley and Babe Ruth; the Lunar Bible and portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls will also be on display. The Museum will also feature a 3,200 pound replica of the Liberty Bell. Most of the items have been donated by the museum’s founder, Steve Green, and his father David Green. The Greens’ collection is the largest collection of biblical artifacts and text in the world.

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