The capital under siege

Source: Dawn

FOR the past one week, Islamabad has been virtually under siege with the followers of a radical cleric blocking the expressway connecting the city to the airport. The administration’s move to enclose the Red Zone with containers has added to the chaos.

While the clerics blast the civil and military leadership with their highly inflammable harangue, inciting their supporters to violence, there is no sign of the government moving against them. Seldom has one witnessed such a state of inertia with the security agencies unable to act against even a small group of zealots paralysing the seat of government.

It is a case of a matter being blown out of proportion and used by the extremist clerics to whip up religious sentiments. It is all about an oversight, missing a clause in the Election Act related to the finality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in an oath that was turned into a religious and political controversy. Although the omission was immediately rectified, it has failed to satisfy some radical clerics.


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  1. Pakistan in denger.. since extremist Muslim leaders banned Ahmadiyyah for decades. A country who do not obey Human Right will be destroyed just a matter of time, like Taliban, Al Qaida, ISIS and other extremist groups with different name.

    Lets pray to God hopefully there is a leader who can fight and defeat the extremist Muslims, Allah is Powerful.
    All ❤️

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