It’s not Muslims, Mexicans or immigrants making the US unsafe – it’s men

Not only are most adult mass shooters in the US men, but most school shooters are boys too. And not only are many adult male shooters perpetrators of domestic or sexual violence, but young boys can be too

Whenever there’s a mass shooting in the US we begin to debate as a society what the killer’s motivations could have been. If he is brown or black there’s a high chance that the tabloid press will cry “terrorist”. Donald Trump will begin Tweeting rabidly about how we should close US borders to all (read: black or brown) immigrants. “The wall, the wall!”, his supporters will cry. Breitbert will release an article trying to convince us that every Muslim is a terrorist plotting to kill us all. And a member of Ukip will be forced to issue an apology after making yet another “mistake” like retweeting “If you want a Jihadi for a neighbour, vote Labour”. For the record I come from a family of Muslim immigrants, and I can confirm that none of us are about to run off and join Isis (why do I even have to reassure people of that?)

If the shooter is white, however, it will be a different story – poor, lonely, teased American guy Tom had a mental health problem. He always got good grades in school and, although he was quiet, nobody could have possibly imagined him doing such a thing, including his mum, partner, brother, uncle, aunt, 12th cousin, nursery teacher, baby sitter, the guy who bagged his groceries in Walmart, the woman who sat in one lecture with him for a single term when he was at university, and the family who lived six streets away from him when he was in primary school. Because, let’s be honest, every one of these people and more will be interviewed to investigate “what went wrong” with this unfortunate, mentally ill, all-American, middle class, white school boy.

Once again, white killers will be humanised and black or brown killers will be dehumanised.


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  1. Finally someone who can see beyond the race, colour, religion, ethnicity, or sexual preference on to the bigger picture. The article provides proof and facts for the most Americans who have been so desperately been conditioned to blame the Muslim or Mexican contributing members of society.

    “In fact, in a study of 62 cases of US mass shootings from 1982-2012, it was noted that only one shooter was a woman. All the others were men. Of these men, 44 out of 61 were white.”

    This is directly from the article.

  2. All this misunderstanding is created by the media.We all know very well when any incident happen somewhere in the world and if there is a white no one will offend but if it is a brown and especially a muslim ,media makes a highlight for that.

  3. I feel it’s very sad what happened in America. We feel the same sorrow and grief for the families. Please now American wake up and stop blaming others. Start controlling your peoples.

    • We, as Muslim have to recognize which is a crazy people and which is not.
      Muslim who kill innocent people was not crazy, but he religious person, he is conscious, he just follows the order of Prophet or God.
      This is Muslim problem, only Muslim can solve it.
      Muslim need a reformation badly.
      All love❤️
      Please do not delate it

      • Yes, I am tempted to delete it, because all records show that the so-called ‘Islamist terrorists’ practically all had little or no knowledge of Islam. We have shown you proof of this many times, but you go on in the same old Somi Tempo style.

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