Update: Police say cross left draped in pig parts at Twin Falls mosque was hate crime

Source: Magic Valley

TWIN FALLS — Police say someone draped a cross in butchered pig parts and left it at the Islamic Center of Twin Falls over the weekend. Authorities are calling it a hate crime.

About 4 feet tall, the cross was wrapped in bacon, pig’s feet and a tongue, and was left in the parking lot.

The incident is the latest in a string of vandalism at Twin Falls’ only mosque dating back to 2015, when anti-Muslim sentiments began to take hold as the community debated refugee resettlement.

Police were dispatched at 7:30 a.m. Saturday to the center at the 400 block of Addison Avenue. The center’s caretaker found the cross, Twin Falls Police Lt. Terry Thueson said Monday.

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  1. This act is the backlash where we as Muslim believe that Pig is unclean animal, in conversely Chiritians eat pork meat daily as main meal. We can see at Malls.

    Whereas Allah say clearly that the meat of pork is not unclean thing or poidon, eatable. Allah say Muslim can eat a little bit as long as do not harm your health. The health expert also say that people can eat pork but do not eat to much will harm your health.

    The story from Malaysia, the Halal food factury do not allow Christian to recruit because he say that Jews and Christian is unclean people. They eat pork and drink al cohol. It is very discriminative against non Islam. So the idea of “Halal Food” come from the extremist ideology of Islam.
    Progressive Muslims are against the Label of Halal Food.
    We are against the extremist ideology of Islam.
    Do Ahmadiyyah follow the extremist Islamic ideology ?
    All love

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