Ted Talk: Beyond the “creation vs. evolution” debate

Ted Talk: Beyond the “creation vs. evolution” debate | Denis Lamoureux |

Evolution & Creationism: Reframing the Controversy | Rafael Rivero |

Decoding the missing link: Evidence for Evolution from molecular biology – Tayyab Shah

Darwinian Evolution 101 and the clash with Creationism – Zia H Shah MD

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham

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  1. The fact is that both can only be theories. Science doesn’t always get it right, and with religion/creation it’s all a matter of faith and interpretation, of which there are many. The universe is far too vast and complex for us to ever know it all. Humans have been creating stories about the mysteries of the world since probably the beginning of time, the need to understand what is happening around them, with gods controlling their existence. Different cultures had different gods, but they all more or less represented much the same belief of life and death. We can only theorise about the past, of human development, as there is very little real evidence to support evolution. And creation is a dream of the believers. The reality is that both evolution and creation will remain a mystery. (My views)

  2. Well said Renate Chaudry; the only thing I would like to add is that molecular biology presents completely fool proof evidence for evolution. Please listen to 11 minute video of Tayyab Shah above. He is my son.

  3. Thank you for your comment, Zia H Shah. Your son’s presentation is very interesting and compelling, if somewhat complex for others than scientists. But I would lean towards evolution anyway.

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