MHA clears visa for Ahmadiyyas for event

Source: The Indian Express

The Ministry of Home Affairs has granted security clearance for visas to over 1,800 Ahmadiyya Muslims from Pakistan, including women, for participation in the annual congregation of the community at Qadian in the border district of Gurdaspur in Punjab. Last year, not a single Ahmadiyya Muslim from Pakistan attended the annual event due to security concerns, said Home Ministry officials. In 2015, as many as 5,000 Pakistanis took part in the congregation, they said.

The Ahmadiyya movement started from Qadian and the Jamaat’s founder Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was born and buried there. Every year, an annual jalsa for the community is organised there. The first annual congregation of the community took place at Qadian in 1891, officials said, adding that the two-day event will start on December 29 this year.




2 replies

  1. What about Pakistani Origins living abroad specially in Germany. Did MHA cleared those cases also. Undue delays cause lot of problems to get in time flight tickets and then things get expensive and complicated. From more than half century Pakistani or Pakistani Origin Ahmadies are attending the Jalsa Qadian. If possible MHA should deal the Ahmadiyya case more promptly.
    Ahmadiyya is peace loving and law abiding community. Merely for religious gathering members of the community travel to Qadian which is birth place of founder of the community. No Ahmadi has any ulterior motive so Indians need not to worry about Ahmadiyya members. It is 3 day event.

  2. Yes we have to trust on Allah alone about our security, but Allah command people to use our mind too. I suggest Ahmadiyyahs better not attend the event right now. Because there are still many extremist Muslims / jihadith who hate Ahmadiyyah.

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