Trudeau on Quebec face-cover ban: not our business to tell women what to wear

Source: The Guardian

 in Toronto

Justin Trudeau has said it is not the government’s business to tell a woman what or what not to wear after the Canadian province of Quebec passed a law – believed to be the first of its kind in North America – obliging women wearing the niqab or burqa to unveil when riding public transit or receiving government services.

On Wednesday, Quebec’s Liberal government flexed its majority to vote in a law banning face coverings for those offering or receiving services from government departments, as well as municipalities, school boards, public health services and transit authorities.

The legislation has been condemned by critics who say it deliberately targets Muslim women. Others have raised the possibility that women who wear the niqab or burqa would not be able to access health services, sit for school exams or borrow books from the library.

Amid widespread confusion as to how the new law would be applied and who it would affect, provincial authorities said they would work with municipalities, schools and public daycares to establish clear guidelines.

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  1. I do stand with Trudeau on this, he represents a very clear picture of human charter of rights. I would remove the face veil if it was my citizenship oath or it was airport security but taking the bus??? Really

  2. I’m very happy with the statement of our respected Prime minister. I believe he is the man who really knows the rights of one country’s citizens.
    I request those people who are in favour of banning that please think and talk with justice and not by keeping negative thinking towards one religion.

  3. I totally agreed with prime minister view point. No government can force anyone especially about their personal beliefs. Hopefully they respect with his Statement . We all peace keepers in this country.

  4. That’s why I respect Mr Trudeau as he really cares and respect all religions. He knows the rights and wrongs.
    And I think banning niqab or viel is not the solution for a terror free society.

  5. Veil is a sign of woman liberation from Current Naked liberalism, unethical fashion, social harassment, over consciousness about figure etc and become a sex icon and toy of the troy.
    Veil is not mere name of piece of cloth but it also has complete women education and training to enjoy her full, fledge life without any fear and become tradable commodity and symbol of enjoyment.

    Europe is needlessly focussing the “veil issue” which relates to the lives of a very small portion of European society. It is estimated that there are only about 2000 Muslim women in France and 30 in Belgium who wear burqa. European Establishments concern with the affairs of such a tiny minority represents a clear instance of cultural bigotry. Those wearing burqa were ridiculed as “walking-coffins” or ” asymmetrical cylinders”. In very cold winter people walk about with scarves tightly wrapped around their face. In those cases no security issue arises, but the wearing of burqa raises security concern. Burqa is regarded as a symbol of male domination by the self-proclaimed torchbearers of liberty but they do not know that Islam gave women the rights that the west could not even think about till 20th century. Burqa is worn as a matter of choice. Nowadays young women choose to wear full veil seeing it as a powerful statement of identity, The parliaments of various European countries are voting to legislate the banning of the veils, In Switzerland a ban on minarets was imposed. The campaign against Islamic symbols is on the rise because of a sense of insecurity in some Europeans. A ban on the burqa is bound to widen the differences rather than bridging them. It will just encourage discrimination against Muslims in European society.
    Niqab is part of freedom of expression and religion. It might be something you don’t like or respect, but it is the choice of women to make, if they want to cover their faces then they should and in many societies are free to do so.

    Wearing the Niqab has never been a security threat, and if one was to say in case it becomes a security threat, let’s BAN women from expressing their beliefs and determining for themselves what they want, then I say INCREASE and IMPROVE the security of institutions.

    There might be some Muslims who deny the niqab as having any legitimate basis in Islam, but when faced with evidence from Islamic traditions, I wonder, what evidence to they bring to support their preposterous arguments.

    And, Let’s for the sake of the argument say this has nothing to do with Islam, it still has everything to do with the right of women to determine for themselves how they want to dress.
    According to some western feminists, ban on burqa is violation of fundamental human right to choice for dress. To them the law does not aim at defending Muslim women rights but restricting the same. The burqa ban is, in fact, liberticidal, they argue. And it will not defend women dignity but increase racist aggression against Muslim women wearing veils.
    The niqab, hijab, and burqa are all Islamic, as they have been customary in parts of the Muslim world and are bound up in Muslim scripture and tradition for hundreds of years. Such clothes may very well have been inherited by Islam from pre-Islamic cultures, too. But that doesn’t change the fact that the clothes are closely identified with Islam. As for any rules REQUIRING or BANNING clothes are unnecessary.

    Not covering whole face or not is up to interpretation of various schools of thought and they shall be accountable on their intentions behind interpretation but I have numerous examples around me where women are doing complete veil and they are very much professional and active in every walk of life and living a very “respectable” and healthy life along with every contemporary suitable fashion and ornaments they may feel comfortable with.

  6. I’m actually disappointed with Trudeau- he is playing a double game here- in reality this is not the essence of what he said, he actually kind of defended Québéc government by saying that “it’s not upto Ottawa to challenge Québéc for this law…” , and went on to further mitigate the issue, which is in sharp contrast to his election campaign promise where he vehemently opposed it- I don’t know where this website reporter got this impression of Trudeau opposing the bill, whereas he was actually playing with a double-edged sword. Pls correct your records, our PM has proven himself to be a true politician.. aka a hypocrite

  7. Neither is it correct that women can or should be allowed to wear what they like. Anyone found walking about near naked or indeed naked would be arrested for indecency. It’s all a matter of extremes.

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