Netherlands: Ahmadiyya Muslims preach peace in downtown Eindhoven

Source: Diede Hoekstra 

Ahmadiyya Muslims preach in downtown Eindhoven for peace

EINDHOVEN – With a broad smile on his face is Safeer Siddiqui (28) on the Demer. In his hands a sign with the text ‘I’m a Muslim, ask me anything’. Siddiqui is not alone. He is together with three other members of the Youth Association of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Eindhoven. With their action in the inner city, they want to show that they are open to contact and the dialogue about Islam.


The ahmadiyya muslims form a flow that mainly calls for peace, mutual understanding and freedom of faith. They believe that the Quran should be read in a different way if it thinks many other Muslim currents. The true message of Islam is peace. A landlock that causes problems in many Muslim countries. For example, in Pakistan, ahmadiyya is not seen as a Muslim. According to other (especially orthodox) Muslims, they belong to the apostates and are often victims of threats and prosecutions.

In conversation

In the Netherlands, where the community has about 1,500 followers, the Ahmadiyya can express their faith well. Even in the inner city of Eindhoven, someone regularly stops talking with the boys. Sometimes about faith but often just to tell that they are doing well.

Siddiqui wants to make it clear that it’s not going to win a lot. “We want to inform and expose the other side of Islam.” He realizes that with a charity offensive like Eindhoven, you do not achieve the greatest criticisms. ,,On the other hand. They probably see me standing. You have also achieved something. “

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