Banning the veil isn’t freedom

I was greatly grieved to hear of the full-face veil ban being criminalised in Austria. It is estimated that of the nearly 9 million people of Austria, this will actually apply to a mere 150 women. Certainly forcefully removing the garment from these 150 women will not solve Austria’s problems. If this cannot be called a publicity stunt, what can?

Everyone has a right to freedom of expression. When it comes to the printing of derogatory caricatures of holy religious figures and deeply hurting the sentiments of millions of people, the flag of freedom is flown high and projected aloud. However, when the table is turned and it comes to protecting the freedom of these women, suddenly freedom is quietly brushed under the carpet.

We live in difficult times with increasing divisions and hostility between communities, races and religions. It is a time when governments should be seeking to enact such policies that bring the world together, to unite us. As the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has repeatedly advised: “People should not object unnecessarily to religious differences that may exist between people because that will foster division and needlessly provoke the sentiments of people.”

Maleeha Mansur

London SW2′


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  1. Switzerland is likely to follow. There are an estimate 10 – 15 ladies residing in Switzerland who wear the full burka (others being wealthy tourists from the Gulf and Saudi Arabia). How much does it cost to pass such a law? A million or two? Waste of money I would say. But then of course there are other political reasons involved…. some call it democracy.

    • Rafiq
      The head veil had its place in an Islamic country. I lived in Saudi Arabia where it was common practice and one sees it everywhere. However, it has absolutely no place in any European country where women do not wear such a head covering.

      Just as I could not wear a cross in KSA so the same rules apply on European soil to fce veils, where Christianity is the mainstream religion.

      • may I humbly suggest that you ask the Muslim ladies what they would like to wear?

      • –Just as I could not wear a cross in KSA so the same rules apply on European soil to fce veils, where Christianity is the mainstream religion.—

        I agree with you 100 percent. Europe countries, Canada
        and USA should ban Muslims women to wear Burqa.
        Untill Saudi and Iran obey Women’s right.

      • Yes, I totally agree with you. Women should hold the same status as men. The decision to allow Saudi women to drive in KSA is a huge one and a step closer to putting women on an equal footing. rather than being treated as second class citizens.

  2. Most burqa women are extremist ideology, they want to take advantage from democracy for their goal. Their goal is to establish syariah laws in Christian majority countries.
    Saudi Arabia strongly support that idea.

  3. It seems very humane to stand for other’s rights. But all this is based on a huge assumption that women are forced to wear veil.
    A balsnce approach is to give women the right to choose veil or no veil. If forcing them into it is curtailing their basic right then definitely forcing them out of it will be equally offensive. It will as if out of frying pan into the fire.

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