No Place for an Ahmadiyya Cemetary

  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Germany is looking for a Central Cemetary.
  • The search is not really progressing: the Ahmadiyya community plans to set up its own cemetery in the Rhine-Main area. It has the permission to do so, but it depends on the property. In Frankfurt and Offenbach the place is missing. In Riedstadt the city councils justify their refusal by saying that an Islamic cemetery harms their integration. At the moment, the Ahmadiyya community is hoping for a peace of land in Gernsheim, with little prospect of success. “It is already difficult to build a mosque,” says Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. “But a cemetery is even more difficult. We should not have thought of that.
  • “An action is about to get a new impetus in the search: All the councilors of the municipality would be asked to address their local mayors, so Wagishauser. The Islamic community was recognized in Hesse as a corporation of public law over four years ago – and thus equated with churches. This entails, among other things, permission to operate their own cemeteries. The Ahmadis declared at that time to start as soon as possible. But easier said than done. The biggest difficulty: “To find such a large area in the Rhine-Main area,” says the chairman, “which is also still affordable.” In his opinion, the ideal would be four to five hectares, equivalent to five or six football fields. After all, not only community members from the region will find their last rest, but from all over Germany. A cemetery is favored centrally in the Rhine-Main area, says Wagishauser. According to him, the municipality has about 45,000 members nationwide.
  • In addition, the graves are not re-awarded as usual in Germany after 20 to 30 years. The death-rest is holy in Islam. “A cemetery is created for us for eternity,” emphasizes the chairman. The tomb is to be designed without much frills: white gravestones, all uniform, in rank and file. The money was there, in order to keep a cemetery “in self-government”, assured Wagishauser. Alone by donating members from Germany, he adds. There were still talks with a large landowner in Gernsheim, who wanted to sell a huge site. Another plot is not currently in sight.

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  1. If this was a church looking for for land to build a cemetery, that would be a different story and it would go so smooth that no one would know. The news wouldn’t need to know about it because they wouldn’t even encounter even one hitch along the way. After all this was the Germany of Hitler, so what that they can show their hatred against Jews, they Can show it towards Muslims. But you know what, if Allah wills it, even though f event soul in Germany opposes it, it will happen.

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