Book Review: One Billion and One Arabian Nights

by Dr. Salee’ Amina Mohammed
One Billion and One Arabian Nights documents the extraordinary experiences of Dr. SaLee’ Amina, an American convert to Islam, throughout 27 years of working with Royal families in the oil wealthy Arab countries. After achieving a high level of accomplishment in the private wealth management and international banking communities, Dr. Amina turned her sights to Swiss Banking and overseas investment, where she found herself in charge of numerous multi-billion dollar investment funds.  it happened that her clients were some of the wealthiest Arab billionaires in the world, and because she was making them so much money, they invited her to live and work for them in the Middle East.  Within her first year, she advised thirteen different Princes, Sheikhs and Heads of State; and then was hired by the wealthiest man in the world at that time (per the Guinness Book of World Records), His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, the Founder and President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE.).

After she had been studying Islam for several years, Dr. SaLee’ Amina became a resident of Dubai, converted from Christianity to the Islamic religion at the Dubai Islamic Court, and divorced her Christian husband – giving him everything except the children, who she raised (as Muslims) alone, and without any financial, spousal or child support throughout her entire career.
One Billion and One Arabian Nights is filled with stories of opulence, elegance, privilege and extraordinary wealth; as well as hilarious antics that she experienced; such as when an Arab Head of State  tried to sneak live sheep into a 5 star hotel in Hawaii, (concealing them in big suitcases) because he wanted to slaughter them in his bathtub to cook fresh lamb; and when the royal entourage was visiting Fiji and were advised by security guards that they should NOT reveal to customs the fact that they were carrying one $20 million diamond, so it had to be smuggled in, by very unusual means, by Dr. Amina; and when one Prince decided to have a picnic outdoors, while the Royal jet sat parked at the airport, but near hurricane velocity winds interrupted their plans, which he refused to abandon, so everyone was expected to remain on the ground, feasting, while tablecloths and chairs flew through the air and make-shift tents were held  in place by servants, shielding the royal group from torrential rains and flying debris.
The book also documents incidents of intrigue and adventure, such as when Dr. SaLee’ Amina was stalked by a man with a rifle, when her children were kidnapped for ransom, and when a pistol was held to her head, under threat of death if she would not reveal certain information (which she refused, but she was not shot.)
She also gives details of consequences she faced for being Muslim, such as when her identity was mistaken for an Asian male (although she is a Caucasian female,) and she was thrown into solitary confinement in a Western country, where she suffered extreme mistreatment, and was told she would never be released because she might flee to her ‘home’ country (although she is an American citizen with family lineage that goes all the way back to one of the Founding Fathers of The United States, Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. Secretary of The Treasury.
She also tells of her ending up held in a small cell by adversaries of the royal families who she advised, and she tells of the times that she was locked in foreign hotel rooms by men determined to have their wrongful way with her (unsuccessfully,) and when dead birds were delivered to her hotel room, under threat to her life.
Find out all of the details by reading “One Billion and One Arabian Nights.”  It is a real page-turner!
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