Given their (corrupt) record, why is the Sharif family being allowed to skip accountability proceedings?

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Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with his daughter Maryam Nawaz. PHOTO: ONLINE

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, along with his family, has fled to London. Now, this isn’t surprising news, because everyone’s safe haven seems to be London.

But you see, the Sharif family was discovered to be knee-deep in corruption and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has three corruption cases filed against them. The references filed are related to the Sharif family’s property in London and their two steel mills in Saudi Arabia. Since the filing has been completed, NAB can frame charges of corruption against the accused, thus the Sharif family should be in the country, rather than out of the country.

Normally, under NAB rules and regulations, if the convicted party fails to show up, Section 31A can be invoked. Section 31A states imprisonment for three years if an individual or party does not comply with the NAB or not show up when summoned. Thus, they should not be taken lightly. But, unfortunately, no such action can be taken against the Sharif family since the Supreme Court had previously set such a punishment aside in case of absentia. Thus, it is evident that the Sharif family pre-planned their trips to London and will skip all accountability court proceedings. They stated that till a verdict on the review petitions challenging the SC is not filed and decided, they will not feel obligated to attend the proceedings. So far, they have skipped two court proceedings. Judge Muhammad Bashir reissued summons which will bid the Sharif family to appear in court on September 26, 2017. Only time will tell whether the Sharif family will attend this or not. I personally feel they will not because they seem adamant about wanting to avoid the aforementioned accountability cases pending against them.After hearing three corruption references filed against them on the orders of the apex court, Maryam Nawaz has brazenly stated that her father won’t appear before the accountability court.




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  1. “But the million-dollar question is, why do Pakistanis continuously elect such people to rule our country?” It is not a million dollar but a very simple question with a very simple answer, we as nation since long have lost our direction and aim why Pakistan came in to being. Recently new female president was inaugurated in Singapore. Just listen the speech made by the PM of the country. Many decades passed to the freedom of that country but hats off to PM who repeated all the basic goals for which Singapore came in to being. Also view how strongly he was sticking to the core moral values set for his country. Now compare Pakistani rulers. Almost each has forgotten why Pakistan was created. Any one who rules Pakistan either by vote or by force takes it to further lower level. Recently conducted election campaign of N-120 was also based on allegations and hatred against each other. Even victory speech was full of allegations and doubts either about persons or institutions. It is said nations get leaders according to their competence and capabilities so are we getting. Currently no visionary and real leader is in pipe line. Wait and pray. God may send some one who can lead and guide this nation for which it was blessed the great Pakistan.

    • @ Zubair. It is reality in Islamic countries not only Pakistan. Whereas he pray 5 times a day, but he still do the wrong things, very sad and embarrassing to as a Muslim.
      Why it happen?
      I believe that most Muslim leaders are hypocrite.. that why Allah do not bless Islamic countries and its people too. They do not follow the tenet of Islamic teaching like this:

      Islam is religion of love, justice for all regardless his religion, race and gender.
      Read more: Why Allah destroyed Jews and drove them away from Israel and become refugee in other counties for thousand years ago? Islamic clerics do not take a lesson from Jews mistake.

  2. @ Zubair Khan,
    The big mistake is thd ruler of govenrment do not protect the right of minority ( Ahmadiyyah etc) and women’s right. That is why Allah curse and punish the ruler and its people.

    Second, people of Pakistan elected a bad leader or extremist leader that is why Allah do not bless Pskistan and its people.
    Very sad.

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