‘Islam Is Not A Problem To Be Solved’: 10 German Muslims Weigh In On The Election

brandenburg gate

Brandenburg Gate, the most famous landmark of Germany. The Muslim Times has a large collection of articles about Germany and Islam

Source: Huffington Post

By Susanne Klaiber & Julius Zimmer HuffPost Germany

An important group is rarely asked about the topic of Islam in Germany: Muslims themselves.

Germans head to the polls on Sunday in a national election that will prove crucial for the future of the county, the European Union and the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Among the central themes of the months-long campaign were Islam and the assimilation of Muslim immigrants in German society.

In the wake of the refugee crisis and several recent terror attacks in European cities, political candidates and experts discussed topics like hijab bans, Islamic ideology and how the millions of Muslims in Germany should be integrated into society.

But as these high-profile public figures debated on talk shows or spoke out during campaign rallies, Germany’s Muslim community was hardly ever asked to weigh in on the Bundestag election.

More than 1.5 million of Germany’s 61.5 million eligible voters are Muslim. HuffPost Germany spoke to 10 of them about German politics, the parties’ different programs and their hopes for the future.

“Muslims are not a security risk!”


Gül: I often have the feeling that Muslims are perceived as a security risk. As if we were not interested in living in peace.

What we really need in politics are new approaches and real visionaries. All the talk about integration means little to people with an immigrant background who actually grew up here.

We want to live in a country where Muslims have the same opportunities in the labor and housing market as other Germans. It is not really authentic that parties say they ascribe to these demands but make little real commitment to them.

Ugurlu Soylu, graduate economist from Manheim and pioneer of Islamic banking: 

“Islam is not a problem to be solved!”

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  1. Hi Somi, you are on the right track here. I think it’s also important to say the Islam is a problem because it is so often and easily misinterpreted for power, control, and violence. In the same I must say that muslims are not the problem. People have rights, ideas including religions do not.

      • @Rafiq.. I read the Muslim Times, I found some wrong interpretation of Islam from View of Progressive Muslim.
        That us Ok.
        The true Islamic teaching is : love, justice for all people regardless his religion, race, skin, and gender. These are tenet of Islamic teaching.
        Those who hate others and do not accept and respect the difference they are a big air or hypocrite.

        Here ! I just found that there is some one who hates me or my article, they deleted it. Not showing love and respect. I do not know who did it, hopefully Allah guide him to the true love.

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