Claim of the founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat verified by German TV

By Zubair Khan

Here is the LINK

At link is a video by famous German TV N-24. Experiment has been made on a person by putting him on cross. His body could not sustain longer with lose legs. Then feet were also fixed on the cross. This position proved  man can sustain the punishment from few hours to few days. In the same position Jesus Christ a.s. was put on the Cross. As per record he remained on cross from 3 to 6 hours and then delivered. After deliverance his body was placed in some cave. When people went to see they found him missing. Bible claims He descended to heaven.  However in the video another theory has been explained that after taking rest Jesus Christ a.s. might have walked away by himself.  In those days cure of cross wounds were possible by taking appropriate food and medicines prepared by wild plants and bushes. So he recovered from his wounds. Since the West was under the rule of the Roman empire having enmity with Jesus Christa.s. so likely possibility  he traveled to East in the direction of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Kashmir. In the video few proofs have also been mentioned about his arrival in Kashmir area. He met with the tribes of Israel and how he was honored by the locals. He died natural death and his name was engraved on the grave. Contrary to other saints his grave is in the direction from East to West which was the tradition with Jewish belief.

Video is in German language and any one can translate it completely.  However astonishingly without having mentioned any thing about the claim of founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the whole video contains his claim which he very amicably elaborated in his famous book Jesus in India which he wrote in 1899.

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