Victoria and Abdul is another dangerous example of British filmmakers whitewashing colonialism

Rather than respecting the lives torn apart at our imperialism, we mute and erase them

It is rare that I leave the cinema deeply offended with what I’ve just seen. Yesterday, after watching the just released Victoria & Abdul, was one such day.

As a Tory government plunges our country back into an isolationist dump, so too is British film and television regressively stuck in the past. A past, however, which it refuses to honestly interrogate.

Based on true events – “mostly,” as the opening credits confess – Stephen Frears’ latest work tells the story of an unlikely friendship between Queen Victoria and an Indian servant (who is shipped from India, without a say in the matter, to gift the queen with a coin).


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  1. Well, the quotation of Dr. Tarik Ramadan comes to mind, where he said in an Al Jazeera interview: “We are being destabilized, because we are destabalizable, just like we were colonialized, because we were colonializable”

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