Switzerland voters likely to weigh in on facial covering ban

Source: Reuters

BY John Miller

ZURICH (Reuters) – Switzerland could become the latest country to ban facial coverings worn by some Muslim women after activists collected more than the 100,000 signatures required to put the proposal to a national vote.

The group, called “Yes to a Mask Ban” delivered the petition on Friday, setting up a vote by 2020. Some of its leaders also spearheaded the 2009 Swiss ban on new minarets being built in the country.

A delegation of leaders from the group delivered three boxes containing 106,600 signatures to the federal chancellery, part of the Swiss parliament building in Bern.

Full-face coverings such as niqabs and burqas are a polarizing issue across Europe, with some arguing that they symbolize discrimination against women and should be outlawed. The clothing has already been banned in France.

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  1. Yes, I have seen some ladies wearing full face covering in town. They were tourists from the Emirates most likely. They probably have a Platinum (or at least Gold) credit card in their purse. Silly to chase them away. Why should they do all their shoppings in London only?

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