Curfews, Obligatory Prayers, Whippings: Hard-Line Islam Emerges in Indonesia

Source: The Wall Street Journal

By James Hookway

Hard-line Islamic groups are challenging Indonesia’s tradition of religious tolerance and secular law.

In the Indonesian market town of Cianjur, new rules require government workers to clock in with their thumb prints at a downtown mosque to confirm attendance at morning prayers. That’s on the order of district chief Irvan Rivano Muchtar, who also wants a 10 p.m. curfew for the town and is sending police to stop teenage girls and boys hanging out without parental supervision.

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  1. Very bad, we have to fight ideology of the extremist Muslim intoleran every where, they are our enemy, if not they will force us all to follow their order and punish those who do not their order under the name of Islam.

    The true Islami teaching is that there is no obligatory in Islam Q.2:256 .

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