USA: God will stop tropical storm Irma if……………..

God is offended, but He will stop Hurricane Irma if the Supreme Court bans abortion and gay marriage, according to controversial Pastor Kevin Swanson.

Swanson, a darling of the right-wing who hosts a popular radio program for conservative Christians, says we can stop Hurricane Irma if we can convince the Supreme Court to end abortion and gay marriage.

Speaking on his radio program earlier this week, Swanson declared:

God is in control of what is going on, and whether or not Irma is going to do $200 billion worth of damage in Miami … is all in the hands of God. Those winds are going to blow where they are going to blow, but they’re going to blow in the direction that God ordains them to go. Friends, God is in complete control and utter control of what is going on with these hurricanes.

Swanson continued:

The wrath of God against this nation is intense. I wish that American leaders would sit up and pay attention … The Supreme Court of the United States needs to reverse Roe v. Wade and Obergefell now, this afternoon, before Irma does her damage. It would be a good thing if the Supreme Court of the United States understood that God is in control of these things and God is a personality and God is offended by the sins of this nation.

Swanson is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this month the anti-gay pastor argued that public schools that teach about gender identity should be burned to the ground because they violate God’s law.

And last year Swanson called for the execution of Girl Scout leaders because they promote homosexuality.

Perhaps more alarming, in 2015 the controversial pastor hosted the “National Religious Liberties Conference,” an event attended by 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls. At that time the controversial pastor called for the execution of all gays and lesbians.

As for Hurricane Irma, there is nothing Swanson’s imaginary God can do to stop the weather.


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11 replies

  1. All offences aside, but God is not a kid on an ant hill picking on ants that he does not prefer also God is not so easily offended. God gave man free will and wisdom and the capabilities to find solutions aswell as righteous path. He wants us to find him our selves and not impose him on people neither comple people to do the right thing. He wants man to know the difference between right and wrong and than choose what is right. BTW banning everything you name will not stop any hurricane or even rain.

    • From My view. Natural disaster can be a kind of punishment frim God because people turn away from God, but also it cant be a punishment for all people including children, but it is natural Phenomenon will continue forever.
      My Question to all:
      Why does God send this natural disaster and kill so many people including innocent Children ?

  2. I believe if we feel helpless and worried , He is always there to help. He says in Holy Quran ” Call me I will help you ” . So may God protect us all and bring them out from this difficult time. Ameen

  3. Pastor Swanson says: “Friends, God is in complete control and utter control of what is going on with these hurricanes”…. this is a natural disaster, did God send it that He can stop it?
    Earthquakes, volcanoes, rains, storms of wind and snow, wild fires in California & BC are all natural phenomenon. They have been happening from time immemorial, and will continue to happen until the end of time.

    • When God sends punishment he first sends his warning through his messenger as per the Promised Messiah. Which makes sense

  4. God does have control over everything. If people do not obey God’s command or reject his messenger than surely God will punish them.

  5. Death of children in disaster with parents is painful but it’s law of nature.
    It’s obvious if parents do something wrong then the whole family has to suffer including children ( for example caught in the jail). Their lives are connected with each other. It’s not the matter like this that God punish those innocent children. It’s completely wrong thinking.
    It’s another subject that why we’re facing so many disasters now in comparison of history ??????
    Are we doing something wrong?????
    Are we disobeying our God ??????

  6. The reason why so many natural disasters? my friend says it due to russian interference
    in the elections. or is it we have more sinful with the use of new technologies. No matter
    what these natural disasters, these are bound to happen, no one can stop them.

  7. The answer I am looking for based on God’s law. The true one. Everyone has his own though or opinion.

    So I am not sutisfied your answer yet, sorry.
    Give me a logic and reasonable answer if you can.

    Why God punish so many innocent children in Nature disaster??

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