Muslims offered Eid al-Adha Prayers at Bait ul Jamay Mosque in Glen Ellyn


Report by: Riyaz Ahmed, Chicago

“Our condolences, sympathy and prayers are with the victims of Hurricane Harvey” said Imam Shamshad Nasir of Bait ul Jamay Mosque of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at Glen Ellyn, Chicsgo.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community celebrated Eid al-adha and offered Prayers on Friday, September 1st at Bait ul Jamay Mosque’s open area in Glen Ellyn.
In his Eid Sermon, Imam Shamshad Nasir expressed his condolences, sympathy and prayers to victims of Hurricane Harvey and requested the members of Ahmadiyya Community to help the victims through Humanity First which is an International Charitable Trust of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

He then emphasized the significance of Eid al-adha festival to the congregation by narrating the incident of how Prophet Ibrahim peace be on him was ready to sacrifice his son in the cause of God Almighty and how his son Prophet Ismail was ready to obey his Father.

He urged all the parents to follow the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim by upbringing their children in a manner which will be beneficial for the Community and the Society at large. He also advised the Children to obey their Parents by following the footsteps of Prophet Ismail and to be attached with the Mosque and Community as well.

Imam Shamshad also said that we should remove misunderstandings about Islam in the society and fallow the true Teachings of Islam in words and spirit.

All the members then wished Eid Mubarak in the traditional Islamic way by hugging each others.

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