Under Arrangements Ahmadiyya Mission Croatian Participates in UK Jalsa-2017

By: Zubair Khan

Croatian Delegation before flying to UK on Zagreb Airport

By the grace and blessings of Almighty God, Ahmadiyya Mission Croatia was able to participate with 21 member delegation in UK Jalsa Salana 2017. In the group were 19 Croats representing multi facets of  life. Mr Domagoj Hajdukovic,  member of Croatian parliament with 4 youth members represented the politicians. Mr Borna Zguric and Mr Mustfa Alajbegovic represented the educationist. Eight university students belonged to various faculties. Ms Katarina Jakic along with her son showed up from religious group. Four members of Sead and Nasiha Mulabegovic family represented business, law and IT fields.

All members intensively participated in 3 x days program of the Ahmadiyya event. Later met with his holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad,  the spiritual head of the community. Surprisingly this time supreme head of community graced every one either to have individual or family photos with his holiness. Few interesting questions were also raised by the participants in 30 minutes meeting.

Member of Parliament got the opportunity to address the audience on Saturday.  He was also interviewed by Muslim TV Ahmadiyya and its social wing. During special dinner he was honored with a special place in the line of dignitaries.

After the event participants were facilitated sight seeing of London on Monday and Tuesday which was enjoyed by all. According to the expressions communicated it was a real pleasant and memorable event for all. Ms Amila Mulabegovic being the coordinator for the event managed all affairs of the trip in excellent manner. Almighty God may prove this effort of Croatian Ahmadiyya Mission from all angles. Amin.

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