How to ensure that Palestinians do not wait another 50 years

Jun 07,2017 – JORDAN TIMES –

Fifty years is a long time. The Israeli occupation has lasted way too long.

The problem is that there is no credible plan to end this occupation at present.

What is needed is a national Palestinian, Arab and international strategy that can produce an end to this ugly, illegal and unjust occupation of millions of Palestinians by a foreign military power.

Such a strategy must first and foremost change the balance of forces that at present weighs heavily in favour of the Israelis.

No negotiations will produce any fair solution based on the current uneven situation that benefits the Israeli occupiers.

As long as the occupation is cost free, there is little incentive for the Israelis to end it.

In view of the settlements and their influence on the Israeli political scene, ending the occupation is becoming less and less likely; 650,000 Israeli citizens who vote in elections live in the occupied territories and are unlikely to give any support to a plan to change the current status quo.

The only way to do that is to chance the fundamentals of the occupation, making it costly to the occupiers.

The cost of occupation can be personal, political, economic or moral.

Israelis and especially Israeli settlers must pay a price for ruling another people against its will and in defiance of international law.

Israeli settlers could be barred from entry into the European Union; Israeli settlement products, for example, were forced to stop labelling themselves as made in Israel.

Politically, Israel must be confronted at every political stage and made to pay for its refusal to end its illegal occupation.

Israel could end this occupation quickly if it had the will and if the cost of its occupation became politically too high.

While Israel is today enjoying a lucrative economy and its standard of living is equal to or higher than that of most developed countries, this economic boom can be reversed if peoples and countries of the world unite in pressing the Israelis to end their illegal actions.

Perhaps the most powerful weapon that can be used to force Israelis to end the occupation and colonial settlement activities is a moral one.

Israel prides itself to be a home for Jews and its enlightened traditions, yet the occupation runs totally against any lofty values.


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    I strongly believe that there is NO Palestine state as long as Radical Hamas still exist. The radical Muslim Hamas want to destroy Israel because they do not recognize Israel. Iran also do not recognize Israel. That is why United States do not like Iran even though 17 terrorist were Saudi Arabian. This is the fact and reality.

    Radical Muslims the one who create violence everywhere in this world. Radical Muslims believe in Hadist. Whereas the book of Hadist is not Allah’s word but men’s word. Radical Muslims are Musrykun.

    Read more; Islam is not Radical religion but the region of flexibility,

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