Israel: Ahmadiyya Muslim Amir Muhammad Sharif Ode amongst those (Religious Leaders) Honored with AJC Unity Award

Source: | American Jewish Committee

Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Religious Leaders Honored with AJC Unity Award

WASHINGTON, June 7, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — AJC, at its Global Forum, presented the Unity Award to three religious leaders — Rabbi Dov Haiyun, Amir Muhammad Sharif Ode, and Father Yousef Yakoub – for their extraordinary demonstration of brotherhood in response to the devastating forest fires in Haifa, Israel, in November 2016 that left 70,000 people homeless.

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Ahmadi Muslim Sheikh Muhammad Sharif Odeh

Moriah Congregation, Rabbi Haiyun’s synagogue, was badly damaged by the flames, and the estimated costs of repair were staggering for the small congregation. But the local Maronite Christian and Ahmadiyya Muslim communities, under the leadership of Father Yousef Yakoub and Amir Muhammad Sharif Ode respectively, stepped in to do the carpentry work and donate needed objects to get the synagogue up and running. In addition, both communities opened their facilities and even private homes to provide beds and food for those who had to be evacuated from their homes, whatever their religious affiliation.

In presenting the award to the three clergymen, Avital Leibovich, Director of AJC Jerusalem, said their… read more at source.

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  1. Humanity first, is one peaceful initiative of Ahmadiyya Muslim community world wide.
    Peaceful coexistence, love for every mankind, hatred for none. That is what Ahmadiyya stand for world wide.
    Recognition & Reformation of mankind & leading mankind to the true religion: ISLAM.

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