Ireland: Recently Vandalized Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque [Masjid Maryam] in Galway to host an open day today


The Ahmadiyya Muslim mosque which was damaged in a stoning incident during Ramadan prayers earlier this week is hosting an open day at the Masjid Maryam in Ballybrit on Saturday from 3pm to 6pm.

Maryam Mosque

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Maryam Mosque

Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Ireland president Dr M Anwar Malik said that Muslims and non-Muslims are invited to the event which would “offer people a better understanding of Islam and the chance to ask questions about Islam”.

“In the current … climate, building bridges rather than walls among communities is more important than ever [and] needed,” the cleric said in a statement.

Leaders of five Christian churches in Galway have condemned Monday’s attack , where double-glazed window glass windows were broken during evening prayers.

Gardaí have examined CCTV footage, but, so far, they are regarding it as as criminal damage, and not … read more at source.

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  1. Let’s hope the stone thrower will hear of this opportunity and go in to see what is going on there.

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