Outrage following attack on Ahmadiyya Mosque

Source: Connacht Tribune

Politicians and Christian leaders in Galway have expressed outrage at the attack on a mosque in the city on Monday.

Windows at the Ballybane place of worship for Galway’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community were smashed while people were at prayer.

The greater Galway community immediately rallied around in a show of solidarity.

A joint statement from Galway’s Christian leaders ‘unequivocally and without hesitation condemned the malicious, unprovoked attack on Masjid Maryam Mosque’.

In the joint-statement, the leaders of Galway’s Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian churches as well as the Church of Ireland and The Religious Society of Friends in Ireland, said: “Coming during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and during Mosque prayers makes such loutish, criminal behaviour particularly outrageous.

“Our city has always enjoyed excellent inter-faith relations. This attack serves to further our resolve, and the resolve of our faith communities, to work and pray to ensure that these relationships are further deepened.


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