The horrific terror attack in London last night has nothing to do with the Muslim faith

Source: Independent

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With much anguish and a sense of déjà vu, I watched the horrendous events in London Bridge unfold last night while I was relaxing, having broken my fast a while back and reminiscing about the wonderful experience of the day a few hours earlier, which I had spent with my friends in Trafalgar Square and served food to the homeless people.

Yes I am a Muslim and while I was getting such kind words of appreciation from my fellow Londoners yesterday, somewhere else in the city some people were plotting to take innocent lives and strike fear in the people of this great city.

Their actions were a perversion of Islam – my religion. I want to come out in no unequivocal terms to renounce their deeds and mindset. True Islam is about love and harmony and serving your fellow human beings.

Usman Saifi
London SW15


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