Montenegro PM: Trump’s Shove Was a ‘Harmless Situation’ That Doesn’t Affect Our Friendship

Source: Time

May 30, 2017

On June 5 , Montenegro will formally join NATO – thus reaching a historic milestone and joining the most powerful countries in the world in order to work together on the promotion of the values of the civilization with a view to preserving peace and stability in the world.

Last Thursday’s summit was really impressive for me personally, for the Montenegrin delegation and for Montenegro. We were there where we belong – at the table where decisions are made, welcomed by 28 leaders of the NATO member states and able to clearly state that, grateful for the up-to-date support, we want to contribute to the key tasks of the alliance in the future and to help and support other developing democracies.

Those who are familiar with the history of Montenegro over the last two centuries understand why the guarantee of our independence, which we definitely get through NATO membership, is so important to us. It happened several times in history that the fate of Montenegro was decided in its absence. It will never be possible again.

At the meeting of heads of state and/or government, as well as in separate meetings with leaders, I said that we would take part in defense and deterrence and projecting stability beyond the borders of the alliance. I want to recall that Montenegro has been supporting the efforts of allies in Afghanistan to contribute to peace and strengthening security and democracy.

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