Ramadan festivities light up Istanbul


Ramadan becomes more spiritual and beautiful when it is shared and this year, it is time to put conflicts aside and get together around one table. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality prepares to host a number of events throughout the holy month this year; ensuring Istanbulites experience Ramadan at its best

Ramadan, the most spiritual month of the year for Muslims, has finally arrived. As the most populated city and top tourist destination of Turkey, Istanbul is ready to host a number of Ramadan events for both Muslims and non-Muslims who want to experience Ramadan at its fullest.This year’s Ramadan events in Istanbul are organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), mainly in major city parks including Yenikapı and Maltepe as well as historic and spiritual districts of Istanbul such as Sultanahmet and Beyazıt.

People break their fast in Sultanahmet throughout Ramadan.

The municipality offers a wide range of events, including Sufi music concerts, poetry nights, traditional art shows and panel sessions in the month of Ramadan. Since Ramadan coincides with summer this year, Istanbulites and people who want to spend Ramadan in Istanbul will be able to enjoy Ramadan events throughout the month every night until sahur, the pre-dawn meal. İBB has not forgotten the children as well. At every event area, there is at least one event geared toward children. The little ones who visit the event areas with their families will have a chance to enjoy competitions and traditional stage plays.

This year, there is no increase in the price of iftar menus offered at the social facilities of İBB. The iftar menus of the restaurants which offer tastes from traditional Ottoman and Turkish cuisines cost TL 35 per person. Award-winning chefs will ready the iftar tables for a feast at the İBB’s social facilities in Beykoz, Dragos, Gözdağı, Fethipaşa, Çamlıca, Florya, Arnavutköy and Haliç.

Sultanahmet Square, which is one of the places frequented by both Istanbulites and tourists during Ramadan, is hosting a Century-Old Tastes and Arts Market. Throughout Ramadan, stalls set up at the square will offer a taste of traditional Ottoman cuisine. Moreover, professions that have fallen into oblivion in time will be re-introduced for the new generation. Visitors will also have a chance to observe calligraphists and marbling artists while they are doing their magic.Yenikapı is hosting the largest Ramadan events in Istanbul’s European side. Covering a total of 700 square meters, the Yenikapı Event Arena which offers free Wi-Fi, a health room, free telephones and markets for your every need, has a capacity of over 1 million people.

A mascot dressed in the costume of an Ottoman janissary playing with children in Yenikapı.

Yenikapı will host iftar every day along with concerts, panel sessions, and traditional Ramadan shows such as shadow puppetry as well as open-air theater. The municipality also erected a tent which will serve as a small mosque for Muslims who want to pray. The tent is for both men and women, and visitors coming to Yenikapı for iftar will be able to perform their tarawih prayers in the tent. The authorities expect roughly 25,000 visitors every day.

more:   https://www.dailysabah.com/religion/2017/05/29/ramadan-festivities-light-up-istanbul

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