What signal is Melania sending?


Arriving in Rome, on his way to visit the Holy Father, of all people, President Donald Trump stood at the door of Air Force One and reached for first lady Melania Trump’s hand. She avoided his grasp, reaching up to brush her hair away from her eyes instead. He then appeared to put his hand — wait for it — on her behind.
The internet caught fire with commentary about Trump’s move, which, if it wasn’t what it seemed to be, was recklessly close to a crude display of male ownership. It might have gone unnoticed, or at least less noticed, had the Trumps not been the subjects of a similar episode two days earlier at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. As the couple walked away from Air Force One, the President strode ahead of his wife (a display of marital disconnection so familiar to us all by now that it could be a fun cue for a drinking game).

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