Bangladesh: Ahmadiyya Muslims question govt sincerity for security

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  1. Moulvies have made some Muslims vulnerable against ahmadies . They declared ahmadies , murteed and provoke emotional Muslims that murder of a ahmadi means heaven . In fact , they have made the Muslims a vulnerable community . There is a psychology , too . It can not be denied that Muslims as a community , is far behind others , whether it is education or wealth or positive contributions to the society . They have made themselves deprived of the worldly heaven . Lust of hoor and wine of jannat is the motivating factor behind all such heinous crimes . Unfortunately Muslim intellectuals , press& media and leaders are not vocal against this ideology . Unless this ideology is not changed , it is difficult to change the general Muslim attitude . They have become immune to the suffering Muslims are experiencing . I don’t find any Muslim country which has not become beggar , whether it is technology or quality education or medical facilities or arms & weapons etc. Even those countries which have abundant wealth , are dependent on this non- Muslim country or that . No Muslim leader or intellectual has vision of accepting the truth . Muslims as a community , are becoming untouchables and no one bothers . Indifference of Muslim intellectuals is responsible for the miserable condition of Muslims . They must stand up against that ideology which not only opens the door for violence and anarchy but also increasing the misery of Muslims . As far as ahmadies are concerned , they are convinced that such heinous crimes can not stop them , love is bound to win , that love which we have learnt from Huzoor SAW . Such barbaric crimes give us only one messages that is ” they make you Hussain and themselves behave like yazeed … ” and it is true that this is very cheap deal .But we warn that don’t forget the end of yazeedi like people . There is a Allah Who is mighty.

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