6,000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean in two days


And whoso saves a life, it shall be as if he or she had given life to all mankind. (Al Quran 5:32/33)

By AFP – May 07,2017 – JORDAN TIMES

ROME — Some 6,000 migrants hoping to head to Europe were rescued in the Mediterranean on Friday and Saturday in dozens of frantic operations coordinated by the Italian coastguard.

Some 3,000 were picked up Saturday by the navy, coastguard, EU border agency Frontex and several NGOs, the coastguard said in a statement. 

Some of them have already been taken to shore in Italy while others, including 730 onboard a ship operated by Doctors Without Borders, were on their way.

The Libyan coastguard told AFP it had picked up around 170 migrants off Tripoli on Saturday, but had failed to rescue others “due to a lack of means”.

The rescues came a day after around 3,000 others were found floating in rubber boats and on makeshift rafts after having left Libya, heading towards Italy. 

The International Organisation for Migration meanwhile said fishermen had rescued 371 migrants Friday off the coast of the Libyan town of Zuwara.

Italy and Libya have moved to boost cooperation in recent months in order to cut the number of people risking their lives by attempting the dangerous Mediterranean crossing. 

The Italian government said in a deal signed with Libya in February that it would offer manpower as well as technical assistance to the Libyan coastguard.

Rome said this week that it had delivered two speedboats to Libya at the end of last month, with eight more due by the end of June.

Some 37,000 people, many of them sub-Saharan Africans, have arrived in Italy from Libya since the start of the year — a figure some thirty percent higher than a year earlier, according to the Italian interior ministry.

More than 4,500 migrants died or were missing and feared drowned in 2016, and another 1,000 have met the same fate this year.

SOURCE:   http://jordantimes.com/news/region/6000-migrants-rescued-mediterranean-two-days

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  1. Why complain when it’s the British who first migrated into other lands enslaving those people? When it is a question on immigration, the feelings are so strong. I wonder why. Serves you right! Britain! When the British colonised the world, it was ok. But now when people from the former colonies and from other countries come to Britain, its not ok? Look into history and then you can cry because what goes around comes around. Don’t see why people have such a problem with mass immigration? It enriches our culture and boosts the economy! We have to stop looking at these people as immigrants and think of them as human beings. The immigrants are not to blame because they were invited and welcomed here by our successive government. We have quite large Spanish , French and Italian communities in Brighton and I believe it really enhances the place and adds to diversity of the City. Globalisation is here to stay. Britain colonised & some would say civilised half the world. It’s called Karma. Not so long ago British people colonized Asia, living like kings while locals suffering to no end. At least, these migrants do not enslave the Britons, so stop whining please.

    Just get your facts straight before you start ranting about how the country is filled with ‘immigrants’. Why doesn’t anyone complain about the millions of Brits moving abroad every year eh? what would Britain do without all this work force? coz it looks like Brits are too good to do a lot of the jobs and prefer getting their lives paid for by the government? everyone on this planet has the right to live a comfortable live WHEREVER they want. you can’t blame people for being hungry and craving for the life they deserve just because some rich guys placing borders wherever they like? If you sent all the immigrants back this country would grind to a halt because they do all the horrible jobs that our unemployed wont do. They don’t realise the reason there are so many migrant workers is the locals don’t want to get their hands dirty by doing menial hard work, whereas the East Europeans are happy to do it. 5 million Brits live permanently abroad as foreigners, and many also as migrant workers. British women have a low fertility rate of about 1.89 per woman, which means naturally born Brits are not having enough children to replace the generations. Don’t see why people have such a problem with mass immigration? It enriches our culture and boosts the economy! Britain is a modern, dynamic, fascinating and multicultural country, if you are a selfish intolerant bigot then feel free to go somewhere else and leave the rest of us in peace.

    Actually, 97% of Eastern-European immigrants are in full-time employment. Also, there are thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians who are already in the country. Majority of immigrants from these countries came here after 1 January 2007 when both countries became EU members. Immigrants have legal rights to work as a self-employed or, if their partner is a self-employed, they could have an unlimited access to the job market with Blue card. So, the truth is not exactly what the politicians tell you. Cameron cannot stop Romanians’ and Bulgarians’ free access to the job market from 1 January 2014. The problem is that Cameron has to make budget cuts – civil servants, remember – and he is trying to distract public attention from real issues in the country. I have few friends that work as civil servants – they do not even know what job they suppose to do, but are paid between 30 and 50 grands and have 2 months annual paid leave. This has happened before, mass illegal immigration from Europe. But back then the immigrants were easily identifiable because they came over in long ships and wore horns on their hats, and gave names to parts of Lincolnshire like ‘Danelaw’ and similar. They took land, and jobs, and skewed the local economy in their favour, and historians refer to that period as the Viking invasion. Fact is, Europeans like it here and have done for millennia. A problem for local farmers who rely on foreign workers to pick produce because local workers don’t want to put the hours in and also in the ladies business sector – social care where a large proportion of workers are also foreign as in the hotel industry. Often hospitality companies offer zero hour contracts which in my area immigrants from Ghana often fill because they are more flexible. What’s the solution – stop immigration and risk staff shortages and empty veg shelves in supermarkets and bums going unwiped in care homes – I don’t know. There are often unforeseen effects. The reason there are a lot of immigrants in Lincoln is because of the royal farmlands that need cheap labour for the Royal profits.
    London School of Islamics Trust.

  2. Whilst I agree with Iftikhara, that the ‘West’ is largely responsible for the mass immigration that Europe is experiencing from outside its borders, there has to be a more pragmatic solution to what has become a major problem. I am in support of controlled immigration, not an open-door policy, that means only taking in such numbers as are needed. We cannot accommodate all. But more importantly, more effort should be applied to developing those countries where people see no future for themselves, where there is too much corruption, the rich become richer and the poor hardly manage to survive. And that is the situation in most third world countries, including the war-torn Middle East. I do understand their dilemma, and sympathise with why humans will risk all to try to find a better life for themselves and their families. Wouldn’t we all do that? But there has to be another way to help these people. Illegal immigration is not the answer, neither is sitting in a new country where there is no work or future for the majority. Poles and the other Europeans are a different category, but even they need to be controlled to some extent. Where there is no work there is no future, whether for settled people or newcomers, and that is a universal phenomenon.

  3. The Western Governments (including Israel) with their arms lobby are nearly 100% responsible for the Iraqi and Syrian Refugees. The costs of these refugees should actually be born by the arms exporting countries ! – The African refugees to a large extent are fleeing economic hardship. Consequently the causes are different. –

  4. The poverty in African countries is also the direct result of European colonisation. Africa is a continent rich in resources, and there should be no poverty as is the case. But corruption is rife, and there is much collusion between the elite there and those with interests from without, so that only the elite benefit at the expense of the rest. South Africa is much the same story, and the ‘whites’ have again established themselves as the supremist and controlling group, much as they were before and during the apartheid era, with no opportunities for the indigenous people. Yes, the ‘West’ has much to answer for.

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