Second-citizenship business booms amid global strife

Antigua and Barbuda

Armand Arton. (Photo: Jonathan Glynn-Smith

JEDDAH: Business might be booming for Armand Arton, but that does not necessarily mean the world is a better place.
As president of Arton Capital, the self-described “ambassador of the global citizen movement” helps moneyed individuals — including an increasing number from the Middle East — gain citizenship elsewhere and the all-important second passport that can bring.
But it is a business that is strongly correlated with global upheaval and conflict. The more misery there is, the more people want to move — whether they are a wealthy investor of the kind Arton deals with or a forced migrant in what is the worst refugee crisis since World War II.
“Fortunately or unfortunately, our industry is very much linked… with the political stability around the world,” Arton told Arab News.
“Knowing where that is going — it is not rocket science — I can only imagine that our industry will grow directly with that. More of Trump, more of Brexit, North-South Korea, of China, of Russia…” And the list goes on.
Arton Capital, which is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, offers access to investor programs for residence and citizenship in about 12 countries, including Antigua and Barbuda, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal.
It is one of the biggest players in a niche industry, with a total of about 25 countries offering citizenship-through-investment programs.


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