Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission holds Conference themed, “Financial Sacrifice, A Jihad of our Time”,

Source: http://www.ghananewsagency.org/social/jihad-must-promote-goodwill-not-violence-116518

Tema, May 7, GNA – Alhaji Abdul-Wahab Issah, National Secretary of Tahrik-I-Jadid, Naib Afsah of Jalsa Planning Committee, Ghana, of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, says Jihad must only be promoted and supported if it promotes goodwill and not violence.

According to Alhaji Issah, “Jihad stands for a struggle, or striving to achieve a specific goal” adding that “Islam teaches that, to engage in jihad means to go the extra mile according to the means available to one to establish goodness and put away evil.”

He was the Guest Speaker at the Tema Circuit Conference of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission held at Tema Mosque.

The conference which was on the theme, “Financial Sacrifice, A Jihad of our Time”, was organized to raise funds to purchase a cemetery plot for the circuit.

Alhaji Issah said “Jihad must be the most controversial phenomenon in today’s world. It is arguably the most misunderstood term in the religion of Islam.”

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