Gambia: Police helps resolve conflict between Ahmadis & Tallinding youth over burial rite in town’s cemeter

Source: | By Alhagie Jobe

Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Foday Conta said the Police through dialogue brokered a relative peace between them and the body was finally buried.

Police in the Kanifing Municipality on Saturday, May 6th, resolved a situation which it called ‘was to be a serious confrontation’ between the Muslims and Ahmadis of Tallinding.

The confrontation was as a result of the burial rite of a deceased Ahmadiyaa man of Tallinding who died in his early 70s and was to be buried at the Tallinding Muslim Cemetery, but denied burial by the youth of Tallinding.

The Tallinding youth claimed that Ahmadis are non-Muslims and therefore cannot be allowed access to bury their dead ones in Muslim cemetery, which according to them is against Islamic principles… read more at source.

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