Ahmadiyya Muslim in Huddersfield UK held Holy Qur’an Exhibition

Source: Mr Fatihulhaq

Mr Fatihulhaq (Jamaat President) welcoming the dignitaries

The Huddersfield branch of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association held a Holy Qur’an exhibition in Huddersfield Town Hall.The purpose of holding the event was to show what the Holy Qur’an says on certain matters, such as the importance of interfaith work, Sharia and how the recent attacks in Westminster and Stockholm are completely against the teachings of the Holy Qur’an.

Visitors viewing theHoly Qur’an exhibition

Over 45 translations of the Holy Qur’an were on display for the public with pop-up banners showing selected verses of the Holy Qur’an. The opening session of the event was attended by Chief Executive of Kirklees Council Jacqui Gedman, Chief Superintendent Steve Cotter, Deputy Mayor Christine Iredale, Deputy Lieutenant Major S. M. Hardy, Reverend Leslie Pinfield, representation from West Yorkshire Fire Service, Sikh community. Over 90 members of the public visited the exhibition throughout the day.

Dignitaries with President and Missionary of the local AMJ Huddersfield

A vigil was also held on the recent attack in Stockholm, Sweden and a £100 cheque was given to a charity organisation who help vulnerable refugees in England.


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  1. Congratulations Mr Fatihulhaq for spreading the loving message of Holy Qura’n. Keep it up.

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