Will China be the saviour of the imminent US-North Korea war?

Source: ET

The latest missile test that was launched by North Korea came at a tumultuous time. The United States (US) had warned North Korea that it will face grave consequences if it were to go ahead with a nuclear or missile test. In an apparent disregard to both to the US and the United Nations (UN), North Korea went ahead with its ballistic missile test. The fact that the missile exploded during take-off last Saturday is another story altogether.  

There is an imminent danger of the US launching a surgical strike on North Korea as it has refused to bow down to threats. It should be credited to Donald Trump that he has so far ceased from attacking North Korea in the hopes that China will be able to influence its neighbour into freezing its nuclear programme.

It appears that the Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who is an egotist, paranoid, unstable and impetuous leader, has refused to listen to the counsel of the Chinese leaders. He is under the false belief that the possession of nuclear warheads and missiles would deter the US from launching any attack on his country. He has also sent out a warning that North Korea will launch a pre-emptive strike on the US if it dares to attack them.


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  1. I have to add that US will think 1000 times before attacking the NK atomic facilities. NK does not have and atomic delivery weapon. So blasting an atomic bomb on SK is out of question. Similarly maximum range of its tested missile is just 621 miles while Japan is 1043 miles away from NK. The only worry of US is tremendous artillery fire power of NK which can cause havoc and deaths about half a million people of SK. Similarly chemical weapon of NK is another headache for US. US has completed evacuation plan for its forces and citizens from NK. Surgical attack on NK atomic facilities looks definite. However Americans are just weighing how much SK citizens can be sacrificed for this adventure. Very careful estimate is half million deaths. After considering 1000 times if Mr Trump can digest this number will go for the adventure soon

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