Texas mayor blasted after she says lack of faith in God causes poverty

Source: The Washington Post

Mayor says poverty afflicts ‘broken people’ who aren’t ’in relationship with their creator’

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor discussed systemic poverty at a forum April 3. (NOWCastSA)

A few weeks ago, the World Bank updated its analysis of Global Extreme Poverty, dozens of chapters dedicated to exploring, in minute detail, the many complex and intersecting reasons as to why people are poor.

About the same time, San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor was asked a similar question about the root causes of poverty in her city. She offered a simple rationale:

Broken people.

Particularly broken people who don’t have a strong relationship with God.

The statement has incensed newly minted critics of Taylor days before the city’s mayoral election. They claim it was an insensitive one-two punch of blaming poverty on the poor and asserting that nonreligious people are at the root of society’s ills.

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