Day: April 3, 2017

Different but same

Source: Dawn HE arrived to the usual frenzy of curiosity, though some of it was unusual. Most powerful man in Pakistan — the very job description attracts it.But Bajwa was more. Victim of an ugly hit job while still candidate. Lampooned as Nawaz’s man when he got the nod. Architect […]

President Trump, what’s your endgame?

Source: CNN Donald Trump’s biggest problem isn’t health care or the Freedom Caucus, not Russia or even his flailing White House bureaucracy. It’s something far more fundamental — and more dangerous. The President, quite simply, has no concept of an endgame, or even a long game. Certainly, it’s an idea […]

As ideologies shift in Europe

Apr 02,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Amer Al Sabaileh The world is facing several crises today. In the Middle East, so far, there is a security crisis; other countries around the world are facing a serious ideological threat. Europe’s problems are, in part, related to external factors such as refugees, but […]