Meet the woman saving the worlds’ threatened penguins

Source: BBC

By Jeremy Coles

Most of us would confess to having a soft spot for these charismatic birds. Penguins permeate our daily lives, featuring on items such as biscuit wrappers and book covers through to Christmas and birthday cards, as well as starring in animations on cinema and television screens.

Their comedic waddle, their flightless vulnerability, their enduring parental care in the frozen tundra. Who could fail to care for these birds?

But for those still unsure of a penguin’s charm, there is one woman in particular who could change their minds.

Her name is Dyan deNapoli, whose infectious passion for protecting penguins has earned her the moniker, ‘The Penguin Lady’. She is a penguin expert and educator.

Dyan deNapoli aka ‘The Penguin Lady’ in Antarctica (Credit: credit: Phoebe Barnard)

Dyan deNapoli aka ‘The Penguin Lady’ in Antarctica (credit: Phoebe Barnard)

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