New Volume of the Muslim Sunrise: Houses of God: Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple

dome of the rock

Dome of the rock on Temple Mount

Editorial of Spring 2017 Volume

By Mubasher Ahmad, Editor-in-Chief

A synagogue, church, mosque or temple – a house of God is a sacred place for co-religious congregations to gather and to remember their Maker. God is everywhere, considered by most to be Unseen, or seated on His throne in the heavens, accessible through prayer offered anywhere, at any time. Nevertheless, His devotees feel the need for a designated place to pour out their hearts to Him in supplications, to worship Him in prescribed devotional and ritual observances, to listen to sermons, to share in the solemnization of marriage and death, and to become more unified with one another in spirituality and fellowship.

Building a house of God is an act of virtue, performed to earn His pleasure. Populating it on a regular basis with sincere believers is crucial in keeping their faith alive. With the passage of time, most of the houses of God that were once simple in structure became beautiful and splendid buildings, often awe-inspiring both on the exterior and the interior. Entrance gates, walls, arches, domes, minarets, steeples and porches were developed; these structures became spacious enough to hold thousands, and, based upon the dictates of the given faith, replete with architectural and artistic marvels, ornate depictions of religious symbols and stories, sacred writings, statues and icons.

In the present issue of the Muslim Sunrise, we are presenting articles covering selected places of worship in the Abrahamic faith traditions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – namely, ‘Solomon’s Temple’, ‘The Orthodox Church’, ‘The Holy Kabaah.’ Other famous mosques located in the USA, the UK, and one in China, are also portrayed. You will find an interesting book review on ‘Ahmadiyya Mosques around the World,’ as well as articles describing ‘The Role of Mosques in Islam’, and contemplating ‘How Can We Build the Third Temple, Together?’

The theme ‘House of God’ is so vast that we feel far more could be written on it; we hope to continue to cover this important topic in the future.

For now though, we invite you to read this initial set of inspiring articles, hoping you enjoy them. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Read it online: Muslim Sunrise Spring 2017

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