UK: Ahmadiyya Muslims among the Intrafaith groups that gathered for candlelit vigil at Trafalgar Square


London attack: how last night’s candlelit vigil united the capital

Crowds gathered at Trafalgar Square to pay peaceful tribute to victims of Parliament attack


A stillness settled on Trafalgar Square last night as thousands gathered at a candlelit vigil to remember the victims of Wednesday’s attack. “We have come together to send a clear message: Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism,” said Home Secretary Amber Rudd, standing shoulder to shoulder with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Met Police’s Acting Commissioner Craig Mackey.

Here, we saw London at its best. Intrafaith groups gathered to pay their respects, while candles were kept alight beneath plastic cups. Among the crowd was Dr Atta Quddus, a lecturer at the University of Surrey who had travelled from Aldershot with other members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The group wore blue T-shirts emblazoned with the message “#IAMAMUSLIM, ask me anything”. A policeman joined them, and together they raised a sign reading  “Love for all, hatred for none”. “What happened yesterday was done in the name of our religion, and it hurts me,” he said. “So we stand shoulder to shoulder to show that we have common values, we protect them, and we won’t bow down against these acts.”

Friends and family of the victims attended too. Jess Okpere, 18, whose Spanish teacher Aysha… read more at source.

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