London attack: What we know so far

westminster_shooting_earth_976.pngSource: BBC

Four people have died and 20 people have been injured after what police are treating as terrorist attacks in Westminster, earlier on Wednesday. Here is what we know so far.

At 14.40 (GMT) the Metropolitan Police were called to an incident around Parliament Square in central London.

Reports made to the police included a person in the river, a car hitting pedestrians and a man armed with a knife.

Witnesses saw a car drive across Westminster Bridge and hit a number of pedestrians walking on the pavement.

These included three police officers who were walking across the bridge on their way back from a commendation ceremony.

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  1. I have no doubts that, if a Christian committed an act of terror like this, some people would try blaming Christianity. Some people already do. Christianity has been used to justify an awful lot of evils, murders, and injustices in the world.

    However, attacking Christianity isn’t understanding the full scope of the issue, and attacking Christians is pointless. In the same way, attacking Islam isn’t understanding the issue and attacking Muslims is helping neither us, nor them.

    Religion only amplifies aspects of your character. If an evil man becomes a Muslim, he will use his faith to justify evil deeds. If a good man becomes a Muslim, he will use his faith to do good deeds. The same is true of many religions and ideologies.

    A cowboy an native America Indian and a Muslim are discussing their people. The native American Indian said, “Once my people were many, and now they are few.” The Muslim said, “Once my people were few and now, they are MANY!!” The American said, “That’s just cause we aren’t played cowboys and Muslims yet….. So this idiot is actually taking pleasure in the fact that his ancestors committed mass genocide(even though they refuse to call it such) to give him the kind of white privileged life he is living today? It is actually a source of pride for this fool that his European heritage were mass murderers and terrorist

    Just call it violence. The man committed a violent crime. By using terms like “terror”, and “terrorism”, you’re making it into something more than it was: the desperate, cowardly act of a pathetic excuse for a man. ISIS claimed responsibility did they? Good for them. Don’t play into the hands of these arseholes. That’s one question that is not answered yet, “what evidence links him to Islam?”, surely the police have his data and home evidence surely they need to show that to connect it. Because the guy tried to commit murder before he converted and committee a murder after he converted. Big questions.

    Lets not also Forget, He was a Christian for 45 years Adrian Russell.. he become violent and stabbed people while he was a Christian… I guess maybe that a very Christian upbringing isn’t it??

    This man has a string of crimes and violence before using any religion has an excuse. I would just call him a crazed Brit. where did the guy in London state anywhere that he was doing it in the name of Islam … nowhere. The sad thing is more people have died at the hands of kids going into schools and shooting their class mates. Over the last decade than any attack blamed on religious or political purposes. More unharmed men have died at the end of a police officers gun. But they blame Islam.

    Before you rant about Islam, the US-coalition murdered nearly 260 civilians in only one day in Mosul and Raqqa the other day. Now, who is the terrorist? Nearly every single “Islamic” terrorist who have attacked in the West have been a Salafi drug addict who drink alcohol, run nightclubs or commit any other grave sin. Anyway, when Muslims are murdered, or mosques burnt down in the West, no one who call themselves as “experts on Islam” seem to go on a rant. So, tell me again, who is the terrorist?

    I was watching the other day BBC news and they were talking about his childhood, why? He killed 3 people on Wednesday and another person died after. I don’t care he was from Kent, which school we went, what did he do in Arabia Saudi etc. He killed innocent people. Newspapers and TV should be talking about those innocent people who died more than this disgusting person. Despite what some haters would want you to believe, Islam strictly forbids killing indiscriminately, killing non-combatant, destroying the environment eg. poisoning wells or chopping down trees and plants, destroying properties, wanton killing of animals etc. In short, as far as Islam is concerned, there is no such thing as necessary collateral damage.

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