CYBER CALIPHATE: Fake, nonsensical and Un Islamic – The Muslim New

CYBER CALIPHATE – Fake and Un-Islamic those (and specially the mainstream Islam) who have for a few decades now been struggling with the idea of having a Caliphate or KHILAFAT out of sheer desperation has now taken to what the media is saying is CYBER CALIPHATE.
The concept has no basis in the Holy Quran. However. it  speaks of KHILAFAT os succession after the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Its revival in the latter days been referenced as KHILAFAT MIN HAJIN NAUWAH ( Khilafat in the style of Prophethood). But no reference to Cyber Caliphate which would be a distortion and catastrophic that we notice has turned out to be.

In the recent past few months, though, some clerics in the mainstream Islam has resorted to slogan ‘KHILAFAT MIN HAJJN NAWAH” terminology used by the Holy Prophet of Islam the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been explaining as a basis of their Khilafat the only valid and Islamic form of Khilafat (Caliphate).
With the Islamic Khilafat (caliphate) now well establish in over 120 counties any other type of Caliphate like Cyber Caliphate or its like will not succeed against what is stipulated in  the Holy Quran. ( For a detail discussion please visit

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