Ahmadiyya Croatia marches forward by arranging Quran and Arabic Classes.

By Zubair K Khan

Students after finishing Yasser nal Quran already started reading Quran

Main mission of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Croatia is to keep on spreading the message of true Islam, Ahmadiyya. Though Croatia is predominantly Catholic Christian country but being member of European Union, state does ensure freedom of all religion. From last 3 years Ahmadiyya Islam did not face any major hindrance from governmental departments.  However the influential Islamic Center Zagreb does extend strange opinion about Ahmadiyya Islam to the city Administration of Zagreb. Basing on its opinion once the Zagreb Mayor declined permission to organize information stand by Ahmadiyya. Later with numerous efforts matter got resolved.  Since God keeps eyes on the deepest intentions, so by chance Ahmadiyya Mission got office place in central location, just on the pedestrian pathway with facility of show case with books cum brochures display. From last couple of months now Ahmadiyya literature and its services to humanity through Humanity First remains on 24 hours display. (Alhamdolillah)

These days lot many people drop in the office and seek more and more information about true teachings of Islam. Few such visitors wished to learn Quran and Arabic. Mrs Naeema Shaheen Khan volunteered to hold Quran classes while Syrian Ahmadi Mr Yasser Almassri volunteered to embark upon Arabic Class. Due to shortage of space three were taken for Quran Class which runs two times in a week and 8 were enrolled for Arabic Classes which run  four days in a week at 2 different timings.

Arabic Class Students

Those coming for Quran and Arabic classes by themselves started reading Ahmadiyya literature and began getting well informed about true teachings of Islam. We keep on praying and are hopeful that sooner truth seekers will be guided by Almighty God to accept the religious truth.(Inshallah)

Mr Yasser Almasri teaching Arabic to participants.

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  1. Congratulations Zubair sahab. Keep it up. Your efforts will inshaAllah bear fruits.

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