Videos: Is Morality from Reason or Religion or Both?

Sex, Death And The Meaning Of Life: Sin – Richard Dawkins

Viewer discretion is advised for this video, as there is some nudity in it.

This thought-provoking series is not about whether God exists or not. It explores more challenging questions such as “what happens as we move on and leave religion behind?”, “what will guide and inspire us in a world free of all Gods?”, “how can an atheist find a meaning in life?”, “how can we face death without the comfort after life?” and “how we should think about right and wrong?”

The first episode is about “sin”. Even today, most of us still carry around the religious notion of sin to tell right from wrong. Richard Dawkins explores the power, the religious idea of sin has our lives, explains why it’s unhealthful and show how can you use reason and science to find a better way to be good.

The Muslim Times’ Editor’s comments

Many of the points made by both theists and atheists in this video make sense to me.

But, what seemed most powerful to me was the testimony of a Christian pastor, who could not give up adultery, without the influence of absolute teachings of religion, in his life. Likewise, many an alcoholics are unable to give up their addictions without resigning to a power greater than them.

Dawkins asks the questions that without a belief in accountability and hereafter, morality of many will suffer. But, does not answer the question in the video.

I would invite comments of readers on what they agree and disagree with, in this video.

Here is a video that presents a counter view. This video has a clip which shows research, how the idea of an invisible princess Alice, makes the children more honest, starting around minute 28 mark in the video below:

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