Europe is teetering on edge of change, and Trump might push it over

Source CNN

Trump’s chaotic entry to the global stage is already having repercussions. Trump’s actions could trigger another tumultuous year in a fragile Europe ever more fragmented by nationalism
Close to a dozen European countries — including Germany — will go to the polls this year with populist-nationalists, many of whom who were buoyed by Trump’s victory, riding high in the polls.
In some countries — such as France and the Netherlands — the populists could win. Victory for these parties could pull the EU further apart, already weakened with the crisis triggered by Britain’s Brexit vote.
Europe is in a fragile place right now, a situation exacerbated by Trump’s apparent ambivalence to its future and easy readiness to criticize leaders like Merkel.
As both President-elect and President, Trump has at times spoken with the diplomatic dexterity of a rhinoceros. In the case of Merkel, he has lambasted her handling of Europe’s refugee crisis, calling it a “catastrophic mistake.” When asked who he would trust, Merkel or Putin, he said: “I’d start off trusting both.”

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